Golf Course Management System

The Halcyon Golf Course Management System, is a complete, modern, cloud based software system for managing golf courses of any number of holes or courses. The first system was for the Mimosa 36 hole Golf course, in Clark, Philippines.

The system comes with a mobile app that allows a player to book, play and pay without the need to interface with staff. This social distancing feature is especially relevant during the Covid-19 pandemic in many countries.

Most of the staff functions are done via a staff mobile app. 

The management dashboard features are extensive, and produces some 50 separate financial and operational reports.

The golf course management system is suitable to be used in any country, and can be modified to meet the specific requirements of any golf course. This includes currency types, taxes, and payment gateways. We can customize it to interface with any of your existing systems, or to external applications. 

Player & Staff Mobile App Features

Player Mobile App

Account Registration


Login via Facebook

Login via Google


Booking without an Account

Play with another Member/s

Play with a Guest

Favorite Player/s

Order Add-ons

Apply a Voucher

Pay Online

Booking History with Booking Status

Booking Cancellation via the Email Confirmation

Game Notification (15 minutes before tee time)

Staff Mobile App

NFC Scanner

QR Scanner

List of Bookings for the Day

Manual Search of Bookings

Display of Booking Details

Display of Real-time Game Activities

Check in Tagging

Check out Tagging

Caddie Payment

Golf Cart Management

Assigning of Golf Carts

Returning of Golf Carts

Golf Cart Status List

Recording of Damaged Cart

Cart Waiver

Game Tee-off

Marshall Hole Number Monitoring

Add-ons Ordering

Administrator Dashboard Functions

Booking Management

Booking List with Filter Functions

Booking Details & Activity Log




Tagging of Bookings for Refund

No Show

End of Day

File Export

Add, Edit, Delete of Add-ons

Add-ons Availability Control

Restoration of Deleted Add-ons

Playing View

Monitor View

Delaying and Advancement of Bookings

Tee Time Management

Create Tee Times and Rates

Update Tee Times and Rates

Blocking of Tee Times

Player Count Summary

Tee Time Template

Price Yielding

Golf Cart Management

QR for Golf Carts

Create Cart Records

Update Cart Records

Cart Rates

Caddie Management

Add and Edit Caddie Records

Add and Edit Caddie Operators/Master

Caddie NFC Scanning

Dismissing of Caddies

Caddie Rates

Caddie Master list

Player Management

Add & Edit of Player Types

Add, Edit, View of Players' Records

File Export

Player's Booking History Records

Player's Account Balance Record

Transfer/Leasing of Membership

Spouse and Children Records

Email Blast

Sending of Push Notifications

Email Template

Travel Agent Management

Add & Update TA Records

Show TA Bookings

Add /Deduct TA Credit

View Balance Loading History

Automatic Deduction of Credit

File Export

Staff Functions

Book Players

List of All Bookings

File Export

Apply Vouchers to Bookings

File Export

Generate NFC Keys

Print QR of Bookings

NFC Scanning

Booking Payment through Cash/Card

Payment Gateway Transaction Details

Priority Discount

Transaction History

Voucher Management

Create, Edit & Delete Vouchers

Generate Voucher Codes

Send Codes to Players

File Export/Reports

User Management

Add, Edit and Delete of Admins

Add, Edit and Delete of Roles

Accounting and Reports

Accounting Management

Show all Account Receivables

Settle Monthly Dues of Members

Printing of SOA

Sending of Invoice to Members


Adding of New Accountable Types

Application of Accountable Types

Export Files

List of Receipts

Printing of Receipt

Updating of Receipt Nos.

Aging Report

Payment Summary

Renomination Report

List of Invoices

Advance Payment Record

Monthly Charges Report

Void Report

Records Management




Transaction History

Master List

Voucher Usage

Tee Time History

Travel Agency Master List

Travel Agent Transactions

Business on Books (BOB/BTT)

Transaction Codes

Audit Reports

Void Transaction Report

No Show Report

Cancelled Booking Report

Dashboard Walk-ins

Market Segment

End of Day Reports

Revenue Contribution

Revenue and Payment Journal

Transaction Summary Report

Individual Cashier Report

Summary Cashier Report

Flash Report

Rate Variance