Server/AWS Jobs

New Regional Centers

We’ll soon be opening new design centers around the Philippines and Metro Manila. We currently have Cebu and Pasig City, and Quezon City will be next.

Work From Home

For developers living in areas where we don’t have a design center yet, or travel is too far, we are offering Work From Home.

  • Install / Configure LAMP Server in Linux OS for a dedicated server and shared hosting server
  • Familiar and expert in management and setup of WHM/CPANEL
  • Can work, configure and optimize Linux server, Apache, Nginx, MariaDB / MySQL, Redis Cache, Memcache, PHP, Nodejs, etc.
  • Monitors, troubleshoot and fix server Performance issues e.g server load issues and downtime
  • Depth knowledge in understanding DNS configuration and settings, (setting up Nameserver, MX record,
    A record, TXT record, etc), DNS cluster setup
  • Fix email issues, Webmail, bounce issues, relay issues, send/receive, etc.
  • Prepare and deploy Website and Web Application (Launch Website and make it live)
  • Support Developer for installing software application
  • Maintain existing cPanel server, Dedicated Server, Cloud Server, etc.
  • Improve and secure server on a regular basis
  • Setup load balancer, Cloudflare CDN integration
  • Setup and architect server and cloud infrastructure